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Pandora from Swift Software is a Games Creator with the aid of designing Impressive Games without the aid of knowing Assembly.verification needed

As Described from Swift Software as:

The Program that takes the lid off your micro

  • Write Arcade games - without knowing any assembler!
  • Multi-featured sprite designer
  • Animated Sprites
  • Compile stand-alone programs
  • Can compile directly from Protext
  • Free games and examples supplied
  • Comprehensive Manual


Just like Swift Software have put it, it was built customary as a tool for people who wanted to write something better than BASIC, without having the bite Assembly language has. This particular package is perhaps one of the earlier ones which allows people to generate Arcade style games, though unlike Sprites Alive, Pandora came with it's own Language, comparable to something you'd find in BASIC though to be used as a standard alone package. Unsure how advanced Pandora got, I only ever heard about version 1 of the program, some issues relating to that concerned how Sprites would react while moving over one another causing flicker. The software wasn't cheap either - fetching to around £25 on Tape and something like £30 on Disc! In it's defense the package was quite comprehensive (as the features show) and also came with it's own editing package to generate your own programs (so Protext wasn't essentially required).. verification needed

Review in ACU


Pandora Disk Image ZIP file Download

Pandora Disk File Download


PANDORA version 1.01 - Addendum to User's Manual 2-11-89


Pandora in Action

Games written with Pandora


Pandora The Game Creator Magazine Publication