RAM7 2MB memory expansion

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A memory expansion card by RAM7.

This expansion allows to expand the CPC to a maximum of 2Mbytes ram.

Possible configurations are: 256K, 512K, 1024K and 2048K.

Can use up to four SRAM chips (128K or 512K each), or alternately two SIMMs (256K or 1M each).

Technical Specs.

See Standard Memory Expansions

Uses Ports 7Fxxh,7Exxh,7Dxxh,7Cxxh. That's the same "extended standard" as used in CPC4MB.

Software that supports the RAM7 expansion

  • FutureOS
  • And, of course, the first 512K are supported by all dk'tronics and Dobbertin expansion compatible programs


  • none?