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Rasterscan by Mastertronic

Rasterscan is a game by Mastertronic


Title: Rasterscan
Company: Mastertronic
Type: Arcade
Year: 1987


The game takes place aboard a large spaceship; The Rasterscan. After a skirmish The Rasterscan is badly crippled and drifting helplessly towards a star. The player takes control of a spherical service robot by the name of M.S.B. Unfortunately M.S.B's only remaining program is how to repair toasters and he hasn't a clue how to operate the spaceship.

Game Play

In this game you control a spherical droid (MSB) around a space ship - through a maze of pipes, cables and small areas. You need to repair the ship and get the power back on so that it can be steered away from the collision course it is on. You will need to solve puzzles to open doors - and these puzzles are not simple! to advanced futher in the game They consist of a multi-coloured puzzled arranged in an octagon and you need to turn the entire puzzle yellow before you can continue. There are broken power cables about which need to be repaired before you make your way to the bridge to turn the scanner back on by (correctly) turning on 3 switches in the correct order.