Return of the Sisters

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This game is a remake of Giana Sisters. It runs under FutureOS. Since it is not clear to whom the original copy-right belongs it's not possible to name the Game just 'Great Giana Sisters'. So it has the working title 'Tribute to the Sisters...', previously named 'Return of the Sisters'.

The release of the final version is planned to take place at the end of 2011.


This game uses Overscan in Mode 0. The video RAM is located in the RAM blocks &0000-&3FFF and &C000-&FFFF. Software Crossfire technology brings both screens together. One screen RAM is to be seen on the upper half of the screen, the other screen RAM is shown on the lower half of the screen. Therefore it was necessary to use the interrupt mode 2 of the Z80. The resoluton in Mode 0 is 208(x) * 288(y) using 16 colors. Beside the Overscan there is another hardware effect. Smooth hardware scrolling is used. You scroll through one screen horizontally in about one second.

A 2D / 3D engine is used for 'Tribute to the Sisters...'. In this case it works in 2D mode. In the case of Gerelakos it works in 3D mode.

Since the game engine uses software Crossfire technology and two 16 KB screen RAMs, the interrupt Mode 2 and some other special features this game is being developped for FutureOS.

The used Sprites are usually 16 Pixel wide and 24 scan lines high. All 16 pens of Mode 0 and a transparent pen are used for sprites.

Up to now (1.1.2010) the source code of the game is about 189 KB. The used graphic sets and maps contain 240 KB, but there is redundancy. The core program is compressed in only 12 KB, since the game can still run on 128 KB machines. However RAM expansions up to 4 MB are supported.


  • CPC6128 or 6128Plus with FutureOS
  • A 3.5" or 5.25" drive is strongly recommended
  • A RAM expansion (up to 4 MB) is recommended too

You should use at least a Class 3 CPC, better a Class 4 CPC or above.

Final Version: The release of this game is planned for 2011.


All the Graphics (Landscape, Background and Sprites) have been created by Tolkin of FutureSoft, the sounds were composed by Kangaroo MusiQue, the code and the needed applications of the SDK have been made by TFM of FutureSoft.

This title is under development. The last work in progress (WIP) version has been released in 2009.



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