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Rick Dangerous 128+ is an extended version of Rick Dangerous for the Amstrad 6128+ with the aim to include extra PLUS features thanks to the extended memory.



Presentation of the game {{#ev:youtube|lME6q6pV7Xs|300}}

Longplay {{#ev:youtube|sg6ikiz2SAk|300}} {{#ev:youtube|6HaL53nb9jc|300}} {{#ev:youtube|O9Edpwtde1I|300}} {{#ev:youtube|saIpjwiy7sM|300}}

Thanks to Axelino and Xyphoe for those.

Also Longplays from the CPC-64old version.

{{#ev:youtube|Qk3OI3um2jA|300}} {{#ev:youtube|pFuSmTNlxKY|300}} {{#ev:youtube|zs2bsXjQ2x4|300}}


- the famous digitised 'Whhhaaa' sample at 15Khz !

- Full levels from 16bits versions (special THX to bigorno)

- Cutscenes with graphics from the Amiga version

- Musics from the Atari ST version

- Redone tiles and sprites, additionnal artwork.

- And many, many surprises...


- Fano : Main code and additionnal graphics

- BDC-Iron : Intro code and graphics

- MacDeath : Ingame graphics

Special Thanks

- Bigorno.net [1] : 16bits levels and Xrick source code

- Rick Dangerous Resurrected [2] : Rick Dangerous ressources

- Targhan from Arkos : FDC tools code

- MetalBrain : Exomizer cruncher code

- Madram from Overlanders : AYC player code

- Fkey : YM cruncher

Original Team

(infos taken from Wikipedia's french page)

- Programm, conception : Simon Phipps

- Graphics : Simon Phipps, Terry Lloyd

- Music : Dave Pridmore

- Level Design : Rob Toone, Bob Churchill

- Programmation Amstrad & Spectrum : Dave Pridmore

- Programmation C64 : Stu Gregg

Download and links

Release date : December 24th 2009

Media:Rick1_1.DSK‎ Version 1.1

January 10th 2010 release : Add a fix for B drive , keyboard layout for lefty players and quickstart from paddle buttons.

BDC-Iron's page

Have a look at Rick Dangerous 2 CPCwiki's page too, an awesome game.


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