Roland goes Digging

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Roland goes Digging is a platform game from Amsoft/Gem Software.

On France was called : Roland fait des Petits Trous.

Roland's home had been invaded by aliens who want nothing better than to eat him alive, and the poor hero is armed with nothing more than a spade.

Since his home is on several levels, it's possible to dig a hole in the floor and make them drop through, hopefully to their deaths - except it's not going to be that easy.

If he digs a hole and they fall through it, they can climb out again and they're not happy.

This is not good.

If he hasn't properly complete the hole (it takes three digs to manage it) and they fall into it, they get real angry, real quick, and hunt hom down with a passion.

This is really not good.

If our good hero can hit them with the spade (alright, dig once more, but hitting them sounds better), they fall through the floor below, but survive because it's not far and they're pretty hardly.

This isn't too bad.

If he can get them to drop through two floors at once, this is not good for them, and they die.

This is good for Roland.

At the end of each level, the game starts again, but with more aliens.

On the whole, Roland Goes Digging is roughly on the same level of Oh Mummy! Surprisingly addictive to some but for reasons that aren't at all obvious.

Roland Goes Digging is probably an conversion of the arcade game Space Panic.


Title: Roland goes Digging
Company: Amsoft/Gem Software
Type: Platform
Year: 1984
Soft Num. UK: 169 / 1169
Soft Num. FR: