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Sorcery + is a game from Amsoft / Virgin Games.

A world full of demons, ghosts and witches ... and you, the sorcerer

In the game, the player takes control of a sorcerer.

Therefore he uses a joystick.

The sorcerer flies through screens with items, doors and enemies.

Some of the items can defeat enemies, some restore the power of the sorcerer.

And some are helping him in his main quest: free his fellow sorcerer comrades in order to join again in the temple of the sorcerers.

A really brilliant game, the first I ever played on a CPC.

The graphics are fast and of good quality.

The sound is - for the CPC - also well done.

Sorcery and "Sorcery +" were perhaps amongst the first great CPC Hit games.

Realisation could show the Amstrad graphical capabilities quite well, the gameplay was good, the game interesting.

Therefore this game was used in Amstrad CPC advertisments and was at the time one of the Killer Application that sold many Amstrad CPC in 1985.

First released as "Sorcery", a different game with the same engine was then released as "Sorcery +".

The game features a splited screen. The HUD is in Mode1 while the rest is in Mode0.

Also the Music was a notable classical Tune : The sorcerer apprentice.


Title: Sorcery +
Company: Amsoft / Virgin Games
Year: 1985
Soft Num. UK: 1983
Soft Num. FR: 41983




Game map