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'''COSMOS''' is a personal cost monitoring system written by [[KSL|KSL]]. It runs under [[CP/M|CP/M 2.2]], (the Dobbertin 63 KB TPA version).<br><br>
It is a personal business application similar to the MSDOS-era PC applications and probably one of the largest projects ever developed for CP/M.<br><br>
It supports the Dobbertin Hard Disk and the RAM expansion, includes Graphics and a user friendly GUI using [[AMX Mouse]], provides a twin 16-color screen saver, supports high capacity external drives, deals with the serial and parallel ports of the CPC and provides CPC-to-PC communication via the RS232C interface.<br><br> It also includes a user friendly installation utility and ASCII Tools in order to deal with the large output text files of COSMOS.<br><br>