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This year '''more than 20 French Amstradists''' came to the party which also saw 3 Amstrad releases, while many are often seen posting at [[Forum|various forums]] such as [[]] or [[CPCRulez]], other peoples simply came with Amstrads along other machines because you know, AMMMSTRAAAADDD !!! The Organizers really appreciated that those many Amstradists came to revitalize the Party with good humour and a huge crocodile, the best thanks to be done to the TripleA association is to come to release nice prods there. MacGyver spent the whole event to demonstrate the PinScreen in the "Amstrad corner" and some conferences were held by Roudoudou, MacGyver, PulkoMandy. Khomenor covered the event with many Twitch lives with 2 webcams and many drinks were had. As always a concert with AY/YM chiptunes was given on Saturday night. Also it was steaming hot because of some heating system malfunction and a few power shortage here and there due to some misplaced red power-off button and the many 30+ years old machines working. This year, nice mouse pads and bags were produced as merchandizing / goodies.
==== µAlchimie V – 2018 ====
Offset, Hermol, Overflow, Ast, Roudoudou, MacDeath.
== Compos ==