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'''Odiesoft''' (Georg Odenthal) from Aalen, Germany, was a very active and creative member of the german CPC scene. For a very long time, the only CPC-Girl from germany was his girlfriend.. [[Hiroyuki]] - the lovely daughter of Marabu of HJT
== Productions Releases ==
=== Demos ([===<!-- Source: source]) ===-->
*CPC+ Desktop *[[Castle Mini Meeting Demo|Castle Mini Meeting Demo]] *Cebit '92 Demo *Chessboard Zoomer *Crittersoap Demo 3 *Defender of the Crown image *Demo 1 *Elmar Lamer *Fantasy Warrior Animation *Farting Worm *Flying Ghostwriter *Fractal Mountain *GOS Party 4 Intro *[[Heat Demo|Heat Demo]] (1996) *Intros (as Samurai) *Iron Maiden and Samurai Intro *Jumping Text *Lamer picture *Mars Intro *Megademo Intro *Mini Meeting *Nebulus Demo *Orgasmic Park Picture *Original Flag Demo *Original Texture Mapping *Overscan Slideshow *Plasma Demo *Polygon *Roger Rabbit Picture *Rotating Ball Demo *Shadows *[[Xmas_1992_Party|Shining Party]] Demo *Skull Intro *Slideshow *Slideshow #2 *Small Effects *Snow *Terminator Scroll *[[Texture Mapping Plus|Texture Mapping Plus]] (1996) *The End *The Flag Demo *Tunnel demo *Twistscroll *Vector Graphics Demo *Wishing Well *Wishing Well Construction Kit
=== Games ([===<!-- Source: source]) ===-->
* Alternate Winter Games
* [[HJT]]
== Web links Links ==
* [ Odiesoft's homepage]
* [ Interview with Odiesoft by NoRecess]
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