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464Plus Conversion

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/* Adding The New Parts */
If you intend adding an ABBA switch to the CPC, it's a good idea to make the modifications to the external floppy connector before you solder it to the PCB. If you have borrowed the floppy power connector and leads from a PC, then you will need to remove the yellow wire from the connector and move the red wire to the position where the yellow wire was, as Amstrad (in their infinite wisdom) decided once again to steer clear of unnecessary things such as standards.
When all the components If you just want to be able to use an external drive as drive A (and have been added the board will look quite a bit fuller and drive with number switching) you should now have 'll need to add a 6128+ PCB wire link from pin 4 of the internal floppy connector CD04 to pin 9 of the external connector JD04, as explained in front this diagram from [[Amstrad Action, Issue 91, Apr 1993|Issue 91 of you.Amstrad Action]]:
[[Image:464plus conversion wire link.jpg|600px|center]]
When all the components have been added the board will look quite a bit fuller and you should now have a 6128+ PCB in front of you.
== Case Modifications ==