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[[File:Impdos-5726a4e.png|394px|thumb|iMPdos 512]]
iMPdos by [[Impact| iMPact]] is a tool that allow to use [[X-Mass]] peripheral.
it is a '''FAT16 file system'''.
== History ==
*Created by [[AST]] from [[Impact| iMPact]] * After seeing [[symbOS]] was the only piece of software to somewhat properly support the '''X-Mass''', '''AST''' decided that some proper RSX was necessary so the wonders of an IDE MASS data storage could be used at last with a simple Basic environment.
== screenshot ==
[[File:Impdos-5726a4e.png|394px|thumb|iMPdos 512]]
== Requirements ==
== Versions and releases ==
* iMPdos 512
* iMPact website :
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