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'''Asterix''' (Cedric Roserens) was a member of the cpc team [[UNiX]]
he == Biography == Asterix was the king older brother of [[TMP]].This Swiss demomaker started programming in BASIC when his father offered him and his brothera CPC 464 (yeah, the one with the cassette player). After a while he started programming little line of Assembler using the BASIC commandsPEEK and POKE. Pretty soon he little brother TMP (thirteen years old at the time)convinced him to use an Assembler editor. From then on the two brothers and their localCPC mate [[Warlock]] started with some serious demomaking.Beside his two Swiss mates he had an excellent contact to the Danish grand-father ofthe scene [[JLCS]] (long live Losse Pladsen and Rolroed med Floede !) and the Austrianprogramming prodigy [[Elmsoft]].Elmsoft and Asterix made one of their first demos together and called it[[TwinBlast Demo]].JLCS later on helped founding the group [[UNiX]] with the haefelenSwiss trio. == Demos == * [[Asterix Demo]]* [[Asterix - Leaving Demo]]* [[Asterix-TMP Demo]]* [[Tri-Star Demo]]* [[TwinBlast Demo]]* [[MC-Paddy I]]* [[MC-Paddy II]]* [[MC-Paddy III]]* [[Cuddly Demo Asterix Part]] == Groups == * [[UNiX]]  == Meetings == * [[Euromeeting 1]] in Osnabrück (D) (1991)* [[Euromeeting 2]] in Reims (F) (1992) == Links ==
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