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Hi Prodatron
Hey Stuart, welcome to the CPC Wiki and nice to see you here :-) -- [[User:Prodatron|Prodatron]] 03:03, 9 October 2007 (CEST)
:Thanks. :-) BTW, nice to see you're still working on SymbOS! I noticed you said that porting it to the SAM would be tough due to its bank switching system, which is a shame, though...
:(For anyone who's curious, any pair of adjacent 16 KiB memory banks can be accessed through either of the two 32 KiB "blocks" that the Z80's address space is partitioned into. You can switch any 16 KiB bank into Section A (0x0000-0x3fff), and any 16 KiB bank into Section C (0x8000-0xbfff) — but if the bank in Section A is bank ''n'' then the one in Section B must be bank ''n''+1, and this same principle also applies for Sections C and D. However, it seems SymbOS requires full 16 KiB bank switching.)
:I might ask Velesoft about better bank switching for any revised ASIC. :) —[[User:Stuart Brady|Stuart Brady]] 21:16, 9 October 2007 (CEST)