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Draysoft Doubler

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A addon that enables you to freeze any program and store it to disc.copy software
== Pictures ==
<gallery caption="Mirage ImagerDraysoft Doubler"> Image:MI 1draysoft doubler.JPG|Image:MI 2.JPG|Image:MI 3.JPG|Image:MI 4.JPG|Image:mirage imager 1.jpg|Image:mirage imager 2.jpg|PCBImage:mirage imager 3.jpg|Attached on the back of a CPC464
== Manual ==
[[Media:Mirage Imager Manual<pre>A M S T R A D D O U B L E R PREPARATION  (1) Switch off your computer and plug the Doubler unit onto the edge connector that is marked "FLOPPY DISC".pdf|Mirage Imager Manual]]  (pdf2)LOAD the Doubler software provided in the normal fashion.  (3) Plug one end of lead provided into the socket on the Doubler. Connect the other end of the lead to the EAR socket of a décent quality mono tape deck.  (4) Put a blank cassette into the Amstrad's built in cassette player, put the cassette that you wish to back up into the other cassette deck. Adjust the volume of the extra cassette deck to just under maximum.  STARTING "DOUBLING"  You are now ready to start the process. Simply follow the screen prompts and the tape will be backed up. A visual indication of the process is provided by the flashing border, this can provide a useful indication to the suitability of the volume setting on the extra tape deck. The bars on the border should be solid, looking very similar to a Sinclair Spectrum while loading.  There should be no break up of the border during the pauses between blocks of data, if this is happening then reduce the volume of the extra cassette deck. If by reducing the volume enough to get rid of border break up you lose the solidity of the flashing border, during blocks of data, it is unlikely that the extra tape deck that you are using is suitable for the job.  ONCE THE TAPE HAS RUN THROUGH YOUR BACK UP IS COMPLETE.     S P E E D C O P  Once LOADed in the normal fashion Speedcop can be used to make back ups of ail programs using conventional Amstrad loading Systems. Follow the screen prompts provided.
== Weblinks ==It is possible as you will see to sélect your own SAVE speed and to "deprotect" programs. With some long programs it may not be possible to LOAD ail the program to be backed up in one go. If this happens SAVE the portion of the program that has been LOADed then put the original back in and LOAD the rest of the program, Speedcop will know where to continue from. </pre>
* [ Review(German)]* [ CPCrulez review(french)]== Download ==
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