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This category contains all Role Play Games (RPGs) for the Amstrad/Schneider CPC computer range.
It is to note that this kind of games was a bit un-exploited on Amstrad 8 bit computer.
Mostly because at the time, the best RPG producers were american and japanese...lands were Amstrad didn't make it (sadly)
Yet some few games were ported from ZX Spectrum and/or C64.
==American RPG==
Most of them are some kind Dungeon and Dragons adaptations.
You can often customise your characters through choice in class and races.
Typical Examplens ?
*Bard's Tale.
*Might and Magic series.
*Dungeon and Dragons games from SSI (Golden Box engine, Baldur's gate, and so on)
==Japanese RPG==
Most known for it's storytelling full of cinematics and lack of real choices or character's customisation.
==European RPG and the Amstrad==
Few of them on CPC.
most of pseudo RPG were in fact text based adventure games.
Yet few proper RPG were produced :
*Fer & Flammes (fire and Flames)
*Le Maitre des âmes.
*Le Maitre absolu.
A lot of pseudo RPG were mostly action games with RPG mechanics or theme.
*Heroes of the lance.
Also it is notable that the interface on the few proper RPG were a bit...old fashionned and lack efficacity in modern standards.