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The [[Schneiderware]] series consists of several DIY projects which have been released 1986-1987 in german magazine [[CPC Schneider International]] published by [[DMV]]. The name "Schneiderware" was probably choosen due to its double meaning ("CPC Hardware" in computer language, or "specially fitted designer clothing" in german language). Aside from building the hardware on one's own, one could also order printed circuit boards, either fully assembled, or plain PCBs without components.
The various boards are having special connectors, intended to be mounted on the "Basisplatine" (some kind of a motherboard with [[ECB Bus]] sockets) which allows to connect up to five Schneiderware boards to the CPCs Expansion Port; with some small modifications one could also connect the boards directly to the Expansion Port (the motherboard is merely an Y-cable-like adaptor without electrical components, so one doesn't really need it).