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Mainboard Versions

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/* System Cartridge (BIOS of CPC+) and Game Cartridges */ Added 300dpi scans of the 'nonamed' cartridge
|[[File:2700-023P-1_CA1_PCB_Top.jpg|52px]] || [[File:2700-023P-1_CA1_PCB_Bottom.jpg|52px]] || '''Board: 2700-023P-1''' - Another revision of the board.
|[[File:Dragon CPC Plus System Cartridge PC SpanishGX4000_CB-1_Cartridge_PCB_Top.jpg|52px]] || [[File:GX4000_CB-1_Cartridge_PCB_Bottom.jpg|52px]] || '''Board: Nonamed''' - Spanish cartridge without text-layer on PCB (otherwise same as 2700-023P-1).<br>Older picture [[Media:Dragon CPC Plus System Cartridge PC Spanish.jpg|here]].
|[[File:AMSTRO1_PCB_Top.jpg|52px]] || [[File:AMSTRO1_PCB_Bottom.jpg|52px]] || '''Board: AMSTRO1''' (LK1-LK6 are called L1-L6 here) - With hardwired LK1 and LK6, and double-sided soldering points.