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Intelligenz in BASIC - Für Schneider CPC 464/664/6128

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== Contents Table of contents ==
== Files on disc ==
ACTSYM .MER 6K (pattern recognition, recognizes "A", "C", and "T" on an 8x8 grid)
BESTIMM .EXP 2K (expert system)
DENKNETZ.EXP 5K (expert system)
DEPRESS .DIA 9K (ELIZA-like program)
DICEP .DEM 1K (print some die-rolling statistics)
FANGEN .DEM 2K (catch the player character)
GOLD10 .GEM 6K (AI implementation of ''Goldene Zehn'', a die-rolling game with three dice)
KALEIDOS.ART 7K (create nice kaleidoscopic images)
KUNSTWRT.DEM 1K (creates new words)
LABY .GRF 2K (draws a labyrinth)
LABYRATT.LRN 6K (a learning rat in a labyrinth)
LOVEPOEM.ART 5K (creates love poems)
MOUSCHEX.LRN 8K (3x3 board game with a learning computer AI)
MOZART .DND 22K (data file for "DENKNETZ" with the Mozart family tree)
MUSTER .DEM 1K (find a substring in a string, like instr())
PSYCHO .EXP 8K (multiple-choice psychology questionnaire)
RATE .LRN 3K (learn to discriminate between objects based on user-supplised questions)
STIFTE .DEM 1K (simple object classification demo)