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Press ''Scroll Lock'' to toggle partial keyboard emulation mode. Now you can use ''P'' to pause MAME, ''Tab'' to enter the MAME menu, and ''Escape'' to quit MAME. ''Alt-Return'' toggles fullscreen mode.
;===Device options for the CPC from [ sysinfo.dat]===
mame cpc6128 -flop1
===Python scriptto start MAME in CPC mode===
On Linux, you can also set your file manager (e.g. Nautilus or Konqueror) to open .dsk files with the following Python script:
[[|CPC ROMs for MAME]]. Just unzip the file and move the ZIPs inside into the MAME ROM folder.
;===General notes about MAME and ROMs===
Some MAME ROMs have parent ROMs that also need to be installed. E.g., <tt></tt> also requires <tt></tt> to run. (See the links section for CPC ROM files for MAME.)
ROMs often only work with a specific version of MAME. This does not seem to affect CPC ROMs, but other systems sometimes give an error message when ROM filenames or checksums do not match what MAME expected.
;===Slot options (extension hardware)===
[[File:MESS with Dobbertin Smart Watch.png|thumb|upright=1.4||MAME with the Dobbertin Smart Watch ROM loaded (-exp smartwatch)]]
[[File:Brunword mame.png|thumb|upright=1.4||BrunWord MK4 (ROM) main menu in MAME 0.162 (-exp brunword4)]]
;===Loading external ROMs===
The ROM Box expansion can be used to load external ROMs such as [[MAXAM]]:
Up to 8 external ROMs (-rom1 to -rom8) are supported this way.
;===[[Dobbertin Harddisc]]===
From the [ forum post]: