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Streaker by Mastertronic

Streaker is a game from Mastertronic


Title: Streaker
Written by: Bulldog Software
Company: Mastertronic
Type: Arcade
Year: 1987


You play a character called Carlin - who runs around town trying to locate all of his clothes and get back to earth. This is no ordinary town, as you are actually on another planet - Zuggi. Since arriving you have been mugged and had all your clothes and top secret documents stolen! You have to get it all back and get to the ship.

Game Play

You begin with no clothes and have 3 lives. You are only able to visit a limited number of screens due to your lack of attire. There are items of clothing scattered around which enable you to visit more locations (due to being not so naked any more) - but be careful as there are theives about which will take your clothes if you are not careful and actually kill you if you are naked. If a thief nicks your clothes, you can get the items back by giving the thief 2 objects (this can be figured out by examining the thief to get more information about the thief). Once this is done it will render the thief harmless and you wont have to madly avoid them. Essentially, the more dressed you become, the more you progress.

Some locations are inaccessible due to the time - some open / close at different times. The character you control is able to pick up various objects and do certain things with these objects, such as eat, unlock or dress. Some of the objects are red herrings, other have a critical role in the game. You also will need food and energy and eventually sleep - all help to make the game a little more challenging. Some objects need to be dropped off at certain locations and need to remain there after closing hours to trigger some other event. You can get a hint as to what object needs to be left in a location by remaining in that location until just before closing time.

A very useful object is the stopwatch! Other useful objects are the Beam Transfer pads - they can help you get around / avoid thieves and also top up your energy.