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Sugarbox is an Amstrad CPC/CPC+ emulator, and is developed by Lone. It emulates all Amstrad CPC machines, old and PLUS. It is running on PC with Windows (Windows 7, 8, 10). Windows XP is no longer supported, but should still work.


  • Emulation of 464, 664, 6128, 464+, 6128+, Gx4000
  • Full support of dump formats : IPF, DSK, Kryoflux, HFE, e-Dsk (read and write).
  • Support for CT-Raw and SCP, but only for reading.
  • Disk format can be mixed : One can read a DSK and save an HFE, for example.
  • Support for CDT, CSW ( both 1 and 2), wav, voc tape images.
  • Online library is available, to load dumps and snapshot directly from cpc-power and database.
  • Debbuger and disassembler available

Emulated devices

  • Playcity
  • Multiface II

Current version

Current version is v0.29.209 (released on the 01/22/2018)

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