Super Stuntman

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Title: Super Stuntman
Company: Codemasters
Type: Stunt Simulator
No of Players: 1
Language: English


As Super Stuntman you must fight your way through fires, explosions, cannonballs and more to complete each scene. All the while, the bad guys try to barge you into the blazing fires. Each scene presents a different challenge.

Scene 1) Deadly car chase through the boulder strewn desert.

Scene 2) Ultra-fast power boat race.

Scene 3) Weave your way through the trees of a forest at break-neck speed.

Scene 4) Use turbo-boost to jump the Grand Canyon... or face a grizzly death on the rocks below.

Scene 5) Battle it out with the violent street gangs at midnight on the streets of New York.

Scene 6) Steer your boat through the rapids in the rough white water chase.

Scene 7) The Grand Finale.


Written by Peter Williamson

Graphics by James Wilson

Music by David Whittaker