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Switchblade cartridge intro.png

Switchblade on Cartridge is a slightly PLUS enhanced version of the CPC version.

Considered decent and good by most Amstrad fans.


Covers from CPCmania



You can download in PDF from CPCmania ( See the links ).


You can download in CPR for use in emulators and BIN from CPCmania ( See the links ).

Implementation details and use of Plus hardware

  • Mode 1 is used throughout
  • Multiple plus raster interrupts are used to make the shading in the sky
  • Plus sprites are used for the Gremlin logo on the title screen (this actually overlays a smaller, software sprite Gremlin logo), and for extra colours and scenery in the game.

(Sprites are x2 in X and x1 in Y, which give a mode 1 equivalent pixel size)

  • Plus screen split is not used
  • Plus pixel by pixel hardware scroll is used.
  • Plus DMA is not used

The game engine seems to be re-used for Striker in the Crypts of Trogan/Stryker and the Crypts of Trogan as the same programmer did both games.


Switchblade cpc screenshot.png Switchblade cartridge screenshot.png

Screenshots from CPC version and cartridge version.


Longplay: {{#ev:youtube|IdJHfsgo4vM|300}} {{#ev:youtube|RnwSoDwIMN8|300}} {{#ev:youtube|PTZeoC92LEk|300}} {{#ev:youtube|mUgO-WTPA5E|300}} {{#ev:youtube|A--p2Rt9iu4|300}}


http://www.cpcmania.com/ ( on the games section : GX4000/CPC+ GAMES )

Striker in the Crypts of Trogan/Stryker and the Crypts of Trogan