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Is this an official piece of software or a group-internal application? Where can it be downloaded?

if it is a "internal" part of a game-dev-system its surely not worth to mention in the wiki. so maybe you can provide a download link for those who are interested in.

Regards, Kangaroo


Dear Kangaroo, you hit a good point. Since the software coevolves with Giana Sisters it will be finished not before our first alpha release of our first game. We plan a release some weeks after the release of Giana Sistes. For the moment it may be "surely not worth to mention in the wiki.". So if you like delete this article. TFM.

Can you tell a release date, cause if the release is to far away in the future, its sure better to delete the article and bring him back after the software can be used by the public. As Giana Sisters shall be relesed since two years, maybe you can help with a more accurate date than "two weeks after the GS-release". Thanks Kangaroo MusiQue of HJT 15:06, 3 January 2009 (UTC)

Well, as you know very good, the beta release of Giana was planned for autum 2008 - not years ago. Two years ago I wasn't thinking about it at all. Due to my movement to new Orleans the advised release date will be spring, no, better summer 2009. So please be patient for a while. TFM.

I don't see the point to mention any software in a Wiki, which isn't released yet. It doesn't matter if the release date is known or not (and in this case the announced "release dates" were always wrong), this article should be removed until this program is available. Oh, and it's not a question of being patient on our side, it's only a question of beeing patient on the authors side if he can write such an articel or not ;) Prodatron 22:05, 3 January 2009 (UTC)

Hi Prodatron. Who are these persons? You write "on our side". Are you talking about yourself in the first person plural again? Else please provide the names of the other people which are with you. However, you can delete this article or not. I will not write it again. But if you decide to delete it, then please delete all other articles about software or hardware which is not accessible for public at the actual moment. Think in this case you can close one Third of the CPC-Wiki. I will NOT release any more software previously than alpha status. Also you have been contributed to this decision. Have a good new Year 2009 all toghether. TFM.

Guys, calm down. The real question is: who used GSED? Can someone request it and use it, or is it only an internal release? If it is only internal then there's certainly no reason to announce it to the world... Gryzor 09:16, 4 January 2009 (UTC)

It's in internal development tool for FS programs and not available for the public. I don't know if there are any other articles about software like this in the CPC-Wiki, but as I said I don't see the sense to mention such stuff. @TFM: It's a difference to (old) software, which may not be available at the moment as DSK but were available in the past. Regarding hardware, as an example do you see any SYMBiFACE III ("Silicon Storm") article here in the Wiki? :)) Prodatron 15:43, 4 January 2009 (UTC)

Well, I really would appreciate an article about certain new hardware projects. Take as an example the CPCng article. The CPCng has been never built. It was a good idea for a time. But we have an article here, despite the fact that the CPCng is only a thought and it will probably be never more. TFM.

Since the article about GSEditor (GSED) was deleted in the CPC Wiki, I see no reason to release this application to the public. Any release schedules are hereby canceled.  TFM (01/06/2009).

Well, TFM, the thing is that this is an article about a piece of software that nobody knows of and that is not available. What's more, it could well be just a note in another article. CPCng was a real project that generated lots of interest, not just some internal dev tool. That's the difference... Don't you see the difference? Gryzor
However, you may know or not, I was for a long time a member of the CPCng developpment team. Fact is that the CPCng is still nothing else than an idea (what a pity). Ok, some pictures and diagramms were made, some datas were collected. But there is nothing real at all. The GSEditor in contrast is a fully working program. It's ready to be used. If you want, I can send you an private copy to look at it (german language at the moment). But for creating games in an good and easy way I still have to add some functions. Functions that I don't know at the moment by myself, because their need will show during developpment. That depends on the interaction with Tolkin, who is responsible for the game-play and different other things. I hope that I'm able to make me understandable with my poor english ;-)) Further I want to add an international language interface before a potential release. I will not prerelease any software, because this wonderful scene (especially thinking about Kangaroo) uses any chance to beat up unfinished projects. There is a hardware developper, that thinks the same way, you know his creations.
Don't misunderstand me I don't want ANY article to be deleted. I also like the SOS article, and I want to keep it. Nothing should be deleted at all. In my opinion an enzyclopedia should have place for all things. I can't understand why there is a need to delete articles at all. How can somebody try to collect knowledge, when parts of the knowledge were deleted? However I don't make the rules of the Wiki here, do it like you think that it is right.
In principle I see here the same problem like with the GUI discussion. Finally here is never an agreement. And one person must decide. So the result is always a personal thing, not a logical. This sentence shouldn't be an insult by the way ;-)))
Another thing... coming back to languages... Can you send me a greek charset for the CPC? I would like to add greek to CBM, since a long time, but nobody seem to be interested. I asked some greek guys before, they told me english is enough. TFM.
Points well taken. You must see the difference, though: CPCng was a project in which lots of people were interested and one that would, if fruitful, be enjoyed by lots of people. A tool, on the other hand, that you have built yourself for your own use is of no interest to anyone else... If you released it to the public then it would be very much suitable for an article of its own.
As it is, I think that just a mention about it in one of the other articles (FOS, GGS) would be more than enough. Do you see the logic behind that?
Oh, about the Greek language: the other guys were correct, english is more than enough :D Greek words are very often longer and they don't fit well inside space-restricted interfaces, plus since we all speak english we prefer to see a program running with normal english terms than mangled-up (as is usually the case) greek translations. Anyhow, what form would the greek charset come in? How could one send it to you? It's not like you just change codepages or use other built-in characters, first you have to draw them and then substitute latin ones with the new ones... Gryzor
Well, I still think that every information should be kept, but I can understand your POV. Also I think that it is not needed to mention GSEditor in another article. About the charset, I would need a replacement for the CPCs charset (in lower ROM between &3800 and &3FFF). Any files are welcome at my email-address:  Greek at  But if you think that it is not needed, forget about it. I didn't know that all the greeks are that good familiar with english. Bye, TFM.
The FutureOS application GSEd has been released. Everybody can use and download it. @Kangaroo: Stop deleting this article without any reason! --TFM 19:01, 23 September 2009 (UTC)

I can't STOP something i am not doing :-) So calm down. I am not chaseing you, even if you think so :-) I never deleted something without an reason. And, as you know since a week or so: i even have no rights anymore on this wiki to delete things.. so hey... if you want to delete things: ask gryzor or ask yourself :-)

Kangaroo, you've been quite good in deleting your traces, but I've been informed by the Sysops, so I know that you did delete the site. No need to lie to the public. You had your old rights back for a moment and abused them. Gryzor and Devilmarkus can proove this. After all the things you did lately I believe the sysops much more than somebody (you!) who deleted this article before. And no, there was no reason, you deleted this text before witout a reason. And if you want to delete this text for the reason that you've named, than this reason is much more true for your Mal-Mit-Mir, a pretended software which was NEVER existing and NEVER released. You deleted the GSEd article before to help pdt fighting me, that was obvious! And now, short after the release of GSEd you tried to delete this article again, what a kind of person do you have become? That's shocking! Kangaroo care about your own shameful deeds first! And after that care about other people.--TFM 23:51, 23 September 2009 (UTC)