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As I'm humble CPC Wiki contributor and don't won't to mess with Gryzors and Prodatrons good work, I won't do it myself without permission(It's not mine to decide), but If I can make a suggestion, then, as the commercial section grows bigger and bigger,it should be splited in subsections like:
Memory expansions
(list of memory expansions goes here - dk'tronics', inicrons', CPC4MB and so on)
(list of monitors, modulators, SCART cables and other graphic output solutions goes here)
Disc Drives
(Amstrads FD-1, Vortex drives and so on)
Pointing devices
(mouses and lightpens goes here)
And so on like this...
The only problem, is what to do with 'multifunction' peripherals like (i.e.) Symbiface. Those, can either be listed in couple subsections or there should be 'special' multifunction subsection for those devices.--Torn 16:53, 31 August 2006 (CEST)

Good idea with adding catagorys for every type of device! ... I have had the same thoughts!
Why not have both.. What we have now and a catagory list! --CPCLER 16:56, 31 August 2006 (CEST)
Yes, that would be really helpfull. I am not the expert for all the peripherals like CPCLER or Spacerat, I will just make a first step. -- Prodatron 17:01, 31 August 2006 (CEST)
Mirage Imager and The Multiface should go in the same catagory... As they are both actually Hacking Devices (in the absence of a better name) and there exists others as well!! -- 17:29, 31 August 2006 (CEST)
IMHO we should give up the seperation between commercial and non-commercial. Certain devices used to be commercial back then, but can be recreated using the diagrams now. Disk drives are an example of this. Other devices started as a diagram in a magazine, like SCART cables, but can also be bought from eBay nowadays. And to a certain degree, a solution printed in a magazine is also commercial... or did you get the magazine for free?
Prodatron: Too much honor for me. I only know the hardware I once had and I can solder some cables. That doesn't make me a hardware geek though :-)
  • Good idea.

But disk drives already have the Data storage category. Of course Rom boxes ca go in this one to.

Those multifonction custom cards may be "Custom peripherals" or "custom extensions" category ? This may cover a large panel of stuff, as most of them weren't from the commercial era (post 1995 for most of them). MacDeath

I've suggested over in the forum, that we create a "DIY and Repair" section in the main page menu (beneath peripherals perhaps?). This could include DIY projects of all categories and step by step repair tutorials. The non-commercial peripherals could be moved to this section to clearly seperate them from commercial devices. It also makes it easier for 'beginner hardware geeks' to find all the DIY projects in one place. Someone with more control over the Wiki will need to create the section, as I am but a humble Hardware geek, looking for a place to scribble my 8 bit musings and don't have the authority (or knowledge) to make such changes... Bryce