Tasword 464 - D

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Tasword 464 - D is a word processor program supplied on disc, as opposed to the "non-D" tape version from Tasman Software.

The "D" has a number of improvements over the "non-D" Tasword:

  • A larger maximum size text file. The amount of memory available to the text file is over twenty thousand characters.
  • A built-in data merge facility. This allows a mail-merge type multiple print of a document using data extracted from a data file that has been entered using Tasword or exported from a database.
  • The capability of printing one or more text files held on the disc. This allows long documents, held on disc as a number of text files, to be printed by executing a single "print text file" command.
  • Some other minor corrections and improvements.

See the 2 manuals.

Localized versions

  • Tasword 464-D Norwegian (translation by Kellydata for Informasjonssystemer a/s).

Includes translated menus as well as localized keyboard layouts for CPC's with standard or Norwegian ROM's.