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Tacgr at The Amstrad CPC Games Resource


To add a link in a CPCWiki article to a program on The Amstrad CPC Games Resource (also known as TACGR), use the following code:

{{Tacgr|1234|Name of program}}

The first parameter (1234 in the above example) is the ID number of the program on TACGR. This can be obtained by examining the URL of the TACGR page; it is the number after the recid parameter.

The second parameter is optional, and specifies the name of the program to insert in the link. If it is omitted, the title of the CPCWiki article is displayed instead.


Let's use the Amsoft game Roland on the Ropes as an example. The TACGR URL for Roland on the Ropes is http://tacgr.emuunlim.com/downloads/filedetail.php?recid=764, so the ID number of the game on TACGR is 764.

Therefore, to add a link to Roland on the Ropes in a CPCWiki article, the following code can be used:

{{Tacgr|764|Roland on the Ropes}}

However, on the CPCWiki article for Roland on the Ropes, it is not necessary to explicitly specify the name of the game, so the following code can be used instead: