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Tennis cup 2 intro.png

Tennis Cup 2 is the Cartridge version of Tennis Cup, a tennis game on CPC (old), both games produced by Loriciel.

Certainly the best looking Tennis game on Amstrad (in cartridge version).


Covers from CPCmania



You can download in PDF from CPCmania ( See the links ).


You can download in CPR for use in emulators and BIN from CPCmania ( See the links ).


Quick look by Novabug {{#ev:youtube|VQgmT-HRt2Y|340}}


Tennis cup cpc intro.pngTennis cup cpc game.png

CPC version in mode1.

Tennis cup 2 cartridge game 1.pngTennis cup 2 cartridge game 2.png

Cartridge version in Mode0 + Hardwired sprites.

Analog Joystick Support

This game is perhaps the only one on Amstrad GX4000/Plus range that supports an Analog Joystick, however, it converts the analog signals to digital signals by software. In two-player mode, the game can be controlled by:

  • Digital Joystick #1 and Digital Joystick #2

or alternately (selectable in Options),

  • Analog Joystick #1 and Digital Joystick #2

That feature is intended for people who own one digital stick, and one analogue stick (rather than two digital ones). In the "analog" mode, Digital Joystick #1 is not used (because its button inputs would conflict with Analog Joystick #1).

Disassembly of the joystick code in Tennis Cup 2:

 ld      bc,0f40eh
 out     (c),c
 ld      b,0f6h
 in      a,(c)
 and     30h
 ld      c,a
 or      0c0h
 out     (c),a
 out     (c),c
 inc     b
 ld      a,92h
 out     (c),a
 push    bc
 set     6,c
 ld      a,09h       ;keyb.row 9               ;\
 or      c                                     ;
 ld      b,0f6h                                ;
 out     (c),a                                 ; read digital joystick 1
 ld      b,0f4h                                ;
 in      a,(c)                                 ;
 cpl                                           ;
 ld      (8082h),a   ;store joy 1              ;/
 push    af       ;push joy 1
 ld      a,06h       ;keyb.row6                ;\
 or      c                                     ;
 ld      b,0f6h                                ;
 out     (c),a                                 ; read digital joystick 2
 ld      b,0f4h                                ;
 in      a,(c)                                 ;
 cpl                                           ;
 ld      (8083h),a   ;store joy 2              ;/
 pop     de       ;pop joy 1                   ;\
 or      d        ;merge joy 2                 ; merge digital joystick 1+2
 ld      (8086h),a   ;store both               ;/
 ld      a,03h       ;keyb.row3                ;\
 or      c                                     ; read pause button
 ld      b,0f6h                                ; (aka "P" key)
 out     (c),a                                 ; (row3.bit3)
 ld      b,0f4h                                ; (bit3 still needs to be
 in      a,(c)                                 ; isolated elsewhere)
 cpl                                           ;
 ld      (8084h),a   ;store pause              ;/
 pop     bc
 ld      a,82h
 out     (c),a
 dec     b
 out     (c),c
 ld      bc,7fb8h
 out     (c),c
 ld      c,00h   ;digital-joystick-style bits
 ld      a,(6808h)   ;ADC0 ;+00h..+3Fh         ;\
 sub     1fh               ;-1Fh..+20h         ;
 cp      14h                                   ;
 jp      p,261fh_RIGHT     ;+14h..+20h         ;
 cp      0ech              ;-14h               ; read analog joystick 1,
 jp      m,2623h_LEFT      ;-1Fh..-15h         ; X-axis (ADC0)
 jr      2625h_X_DONE      ;-14h..+13h         ;
261f_RIGHT:                                    ;
 set     3,c   ;bit3=right (as on digital joy) ; convert to digital left/right
 jr      2625h_X_DONE                          ;
2623_LEFT:                                     ;
 set     2,c   ;bit2=left (as on digital joy)  ;
2625_X_DONE:                                   ;/
 ld      a,(6809h)   ;ADC0 ;+00h..+3Fh         ;\
 sub     1fh               ;-1Fh..+20h         ;
 cp      14h                                   ;
 jp      p,2639h_DOWN      ;+14h..+20h         ;
 cp      0ech              ;-14h               ; read analog joystick 1,
 jp      p,263bh_Y_DONE    ;-14h..+13h         ; Y-axis (ADC1)
2634h_UP:                  ;-1Fh..-15h         ;
 set     0,c   ;bit0=up (as on digital joy)    ; convert to digital up/down
 jp      263bh_Y_DONE                          ;
2639h_DOWN:                                    ;
 set     1,c   ;bit1=down (as on digital joy)  ;
263bh_Y_DONE:                                  ;/
 ld      a,(8082h) ;joy1                       ;\
 and     10h       ;joy1 fire                  ; use digital joystick 1 fire
 or      c                                     ; as analog joystick 1 fire
 ld      (8085h),a ;store A/D converted analog ;/

The keyboard is read to determine the state of the digital joysticks and the P button (pause button on gx4000 console).

The routine reads analogue input channel 0 and 1 for the analogue joystick and performs some checking to see the range of the numbers. Based on this it sets the direction pressed.

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