The Equalizor

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Feggloader 1 (standard screen)
Feggloader 2 (overscan)

The Equalizor was the best-known UK cracker in the 1990s. He was a member of STS and the Lords of Justice.

His most notorious exploit was copying the "uncopiable" 8k Speedlock disc protection system by using an Amiga. On receipt of the demonstration disc from DJL, he promptly made three copies (on 3in, 3.5in and 5.25in discs) and returned them all to DJL.

Among the Equalizor's cracks were the Dizzy series and The Addams Family.

The Equalizor's cracktro was written by Doctor Fegg, and was also known as the Feggloader. There were two versions: Feggloader 1 (standard screen size) and Feggloader 2 (overscan with hardware scroll).