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Top Secret was first and in its time the most popular polish computer gaming magazine.


In the Year 1989, when Govement press regulation and control finally stoped, Bajtek redaction had a chance to move on they own, which it did. Imediatly after that, the plan for starting new magazine, published by the newly formed co-operative of the Bajtek redaction members.

Due to the work with starting a new firm, changeing Bajtek printer and all that, Top Secret started in 1990. If through it started a little late, most articles were still about games for 8-bit machines(CPC included), for the simple fact that they still were most popular in Poland, due to the fact that most people didn't have the money to buy a 16- or 32-bit machines. That time was still a head of the Leszek Balcerowicz's reforms, a so called "Economic Miracle", which allowed Poland to attain very fast economical growth and shifted it from an "almost-third-world-country" to "maybe-a-little-poorer-but-still-normal-european-country" in no time, which also allowed people to move to the newer computers.

Top Secret continued to publish until 1996, trough that time being the bestselling computer games magazine in Poland. In 1996, the bancrupcy of Agrobank, a small polish bank, had an impact on the money flow of the Bajtek Publishing House Co-Operative Ltd.(actually, it was Sp. z.o.o. - but it means the same), which lead to it bancruption, taking Top Secret with it.