Universal 512K and 1MByte RAM Expansions

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Universal 512K and 1MByte RAM Expansions.

Universal 512KByte RAM Expansion Card
Universal 1MByte RAM Expansion Card


This is a pair of RAM expansion cards suitable for all CPC machines.

Both can operate in a 512K expansion mode, using the standard Amstrad memory expansion scheme. The 1MByte card uses the Yarek/RAM7 extension to this scheme to provide the full 1MByte of RAM.

When used with older CPC464/664 machines the cards provide full Dk'Tronics compatiblity in common with other expansions. However, they both also provide the unique 'shadow mode' operation which finally makes CPC464/664 fully compatible with the Amstrad C3 video mode. Without this some software simply could not run on the older CPCs, but these cards now make it possible to run for example, FutureOS on a '464.

The cards have a Mother MX4 standard box connector rather than an edge connector. So to use the board you will need a Mother X4 or compatible expansion card.

A full User Guide and Technical Manual for the 1MByte card is available on GitHub.

This is a fully open source project and all source code and further documentation is available on the project's GitHub pages and wiki. For DIYers, the bare PCBs are available from SeeedStudio via the Seeed Gallery pages.

Bare PCBs or fully assembled cards may from time to time be available also directly from Revaldinho - please PM via the CPCWiki Discussion Forum to check.