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Devilmarkus (*1973) is a CPC user from Germany.

Devilmarkus' real name is Markus Hohmann and he is from Hannover, Germany.

His CPC roots started in 1985 when he got his first computer, the Schneider CPC 464.

After a long pause, he went back to the Amstrad CPC in 2004.

He begun modifying JEMU in 2006 and from this project he created a new project JavaCPC.

Since 2010 JavaCPC is discontinued and has grown to the project JavaCPC Desktop



  • JavaCPC - CPC emulator written in Java, based on JEMU by Executioner
  • JavaCPC Desktop - Frontend CPC emulator written in Java, containing many apps. and tools to make CPCing easier. Features it's own Desktop.
  • CPCInAJar - Small and dirty CPC 6128 emulator, based on JEMU and JavaCPC, in exactly 128k size
  • WebCPC - Outdated and abandoned online applet CPC emulator.
  • JavaCPC Applet  JavaCPC as applet in a website containing many games and demos to play online.


  • CDT2WAV - Transforms CDT images into WAV format.
  • DiskUtil - Java GUI combines SamDisk and CPCXFS to transfer files from DSK to PC and vice versa. Can transfer DSK images to floppy drives and read DSK from disks.
  • TapeUtil - Little Java tool, which can be used to record tapes played on a CPC 464 as WAV and convert them to CDT.


  • Safe Sex - CPC demo showing the sample playback capability of the CPC.
  • Alphaville Demo - AY chiptune combined with digitized video sequences. Uses 128k of RAM.
  • JavaCPC Demo - Animation done in MODE 1 and rasters.