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Andrea Pastore (Ataru'75, Mr. DVG or simply for friends Andy), was born in 1975 and has always been passionate about video games and everything that revolves around their world.

Towards the end of 2007 perfected a dream hatched inside the drawer for years ... inspired by the "Dizionario Dei VideoGame" by Fabio Rossi (1993, Edizioni aVallardi) and noting the potential hidden behind that small vedemecum, prepares (bravely) a portal with the intent that tomorrow may become a point of reference for every gamer Italian, a little wikipedia-centric computing and gaming.

In 2011, counting under his belt thousands of entries and a good audience, and decided to add to the "DVG – Il Dizionario Dei VideoGiochi" a new project, when they have a lot of material "paper" implements the new sections to bring to light all those old magazine publications (but not only) that dealt with historical reviews of video games in the past two decades ... was born the project "Riviste & Videogiochi" ...

2013, despite not having abandoned any of the projects described above and ongoing participates actively in exhibitions and conferences on retrocomputers and retrogames and also throws in a new adventure labeled "RGM - RetroGames Machine" ... the site for which he wrote reviews for the Amstrad CPC, the computer that he was next in 1986, computer who likes and love forever ... :)