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Hello, I'm Dave Campbell, a.k.a. Satchman2000!

I originally hail from Edinburgh, Scotland, although I now live closer to Glasgow due to work. I'm an Oracle Developer to trade :)

My first Amstrad was a CPC 464. I got it for Christmas 1985, and it came with the 12 free 'games' pack from Amsoft. A great start, I played all of them (even Easi Amsword) to death - I still love Roland on the Ropes and Harrier Attack :)

Boxing day we went out and I bought Formula One Simulator and Finders Keepers from Mastertronic, and I was hooked.

I never had the money to upgrade my Amstrad, so it stayed as a stock 464 until I got a Sega Mega Drive, and I've never looked back!

I'm lucky enough to have a 'Retro room' in my house, which currently houses 15 consoles, 2 Spectrums, 2 Amstrads (464 an 6128) and a C64.

Anyway.. thats it for me..!