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Vortex implemented their own version of CP/M for the CPC and also provided patches for Amstrad's CP/M to use their memory expansion.

There were also third party implementations which supported the Vortex RAM Expansion such as RCPM.

Vortex's patch for CP/M 2.2 to use Vortex RAM Expansion

Vortex provided a disc with a PATCH.COM on it which patched Amstrad's CP/M 2.2, which came with the CPC664, so that CPM could use their RAM expansion to get 63KB TPA.

Vortex's implementation of CP/M on Floppy

To boot C/PM you need:

  • a CPC464
  • VDOS 1.0 on ROM and a Vortex disc interface.
  • a 80 track double sided drive A.
  • a Vortex 512KB RAM Expansion.

There are other versions of VDOS and other ways to boot their CPM on CPC6128 etc.

Vortex's implementation of CP/M on Vortex's Winchester WD20 hard disk

Vortex's CP/M for their hard disk is CPM2.2 only.