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  • Working title: Untitled futuristic RTS game
  • Based on: Warcraft/Settlers/Civilization/Dune II
  • Developers: TastefulMrShip and Morn
  • Implementation langauge: probably BASIC with some C / ASM extensions
  • Status: Pre-Alpha - Planning, map design, and ASM routines

This project is about implementing a turn-based strategy game for the CPC.

Setting: A futuristic, corporate-controlled world where up to four corporations fight for supremacy.

Should be clearly different from (and better than) Empire and Strego.


  • MODE 0; 3-color text ASM routine exists, based on Prodatron's Fast Textoutput
  • Each map-tile is going to be 8x16 pixels
  • Map should feel a little larger than Empire's 3x3 screens. 64x64? Or 32x32?


Separate executables for each game type; TUTORIAL, SINGLE PLAYER and MULTI PLAYER:

TUTORIAL - Learn the basics of building, training and attacking static targets. Incorporate resource & economy management as the building complexity increases. (eg, need build a "stock-market" before you can trade with friendly corporations). A sand-box mode, basically.

SINGLE PLAYER (CAMPAIGN) - Have the player choose a corporation and complete a set of strict missions. (Loads-in one corporation tile-set and whatever 'enemy' the mission dictates. Map size can vary, too) SINGLE PLAYER (SKIRMISH) - FOR FUTURE CONSIDERATION; Player choose a corporation and the AI picks a random corporation and AI style (rush, defense, attack, etc). Play continues until an ending is reached by either faction.

MULTI-PLAYER - A lot like SP(SKIRMISH), but either over "ethernet" or two-player turn-based.

Various building notes by TastefulMrShip

Barracks – recruits workers as SOLDIERS and DRIVERS or PILOTS of vehicles built in VEHICLE PRODUCTION FACILITY AND SPACE PORT.

Vehicle Production Facility – Builds TANKS and SCOUT VEHICLES, driven by DRIVERS from BARRACKS.


Robotics Plant – Builds ROBOTIC SOLDIERS and LONG-RANGE MISSILE LAUNCHERS using resources.

Radar Tower & Lookout – Tower opens up a section of the fog-of-war; a certain radius around the tower.

Defensive Tower – The tower will attack troops or ground vehicles attacking. Needs Radar Tower for extended visibility. Cannot attack MISSILES or RECON PLANES.

Laser Wall – Multiple units of ‘wall’ to stop attacking ground troops. Most effective when used with DEFENSIVE TOWER and RADAR TOWER.

Water Plants – Various levels of water production. WATER is used to keep civilians alive/happy.

Food Plants – Various levels of food production. FOOD is used to feed soldiers and to keep civilians alive/happy.

Mobile Processing Unit – Mines all available resources (once determined). Can be easily killed by vehicles and MISSILES.

SWRF – Requires a stupid number of resources and buildings to exist before you can develop the ULTIMATE SATELLITE STRIKE WEAPON. A weapon that will lay waste to the complete map and render an ‘annihilation’ victory.

ALSO: Some buildings can be built multiple times (LASER WALL, TOWERS, STORAGE HANGAR, etc) and others can only be built once (pretty much all the others as they are ‘upgraded’ by the number of workers in the building). WATER/FOOD PLANTS have the existing building upgraded by build-level and worker number. MOBILE RESOURCE UNITS take up one population per UNIT and do not require POWER. Corporate Head-Quarters

Trains workers and initiates build menu. Mostly pre-placed on map.

Wheat Thresher

1 worker produces 1 food per turn.

Well Bore

I worker produces 1 water per turn.

Mobile Processing Unit

1 worker produces 1 unit of resource per turn.

Geo-thermal Power Station

Produces 1 power unit per turn ONLY.

Water Filtration Unit

Upgrade of above. I worker produces 2 water per turn.

Mobile Abattoir

Upgrade of above. 1 worker produces 2 food per turn.

Food Recycling Plant

Upgrade of above. 1 worker produces 4 food per turn.

Nuclear Power Station

1 worker, 1 resource produces 2 power per turn.

Dark Energy Power Station

1 worker, 1 dark energy produces 1 dark power per turn.


Trains soldiers and vehicle ‘pilots’.

Vehicle Production Factory

Workers build vehicles for ‘pilots/drivers’.

Robotics Plant

Workers build war robots.

Space Port

Workers build recon planes and SDI mechanic robots for SWRF.

Storage Hangar

Each hangar can store ‘x’ resources.

Stock Market

Initiates trade between player and ‘friendly AI’.

Weapons Development Factory

Workers develop upgrades for soldier and vehicle weapons.

Radar Tower & Lookout

Extends the view from the fog-of-war.

Defense Tower

Automatically attacks soldiers/vehicles approaching the Tower.

Satellite Weapons Research Facility

Builds the ultimate satellite strike weapon.

Laser Wall

Defensive wall to stop attacking armies.

Multiple endings

Genocide, full corporate take-over, stalemate, anarchy (the people rise up against their corporate masters if your resource management fails and soldiers don't get fed!),...

Background story by TastefulMrShip

Before the war, everything had seemed perfect; the global population count was being kept under control, food and water was fully accessible to everyone on the planet, regardless of wealth, creed or colour and the global economy was booming across all five continents in an age many called 'Heaven On Earth'. Before the war, we were all happy.

It seems strange looking back at how everything changed and how quickly. Lots of little companies were being bought out by bigger conglomerates, which were then bought out by bigger corporations. "It was normal," everyone thought, "It was what businesses did." But no-one knew where these take-overs would eventually lead us all to.

Soon, governments were being bought-up by these companies, whole continents fell under the control of fat-cat corporations. The world was soon split into four distinct areas, each controlled by a corporation hell-bent on total economic domination. Only complete global control was enough for these mad, mad men and their devout workforce.

Insider-trading, corporate assassinations, population abductions and corporate wars soon took precedence over people's health, employment and general quality of life as more and more of the populous were being forcibly drafted into this global nightmare. It was only a matter of time before the corporations destroyed the planet we all call home.

And so, now, we stand on the brink of total annihilation. How this war will end is unknown, but most people believe it will be by fire, by brimstone. During this war, we are all doomed.