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WinCPC screenshot

WinCPC is an emulator for the range of old-generation Amstrad CPC computers. It has been developed by Flynn and runs under MS Windows. Works very fine on GNU/Linux using wine ( far better than WinAPE ).


  • Z80 emulation including all undocumented opcodes
  • µPD765-A FDC support for two floppy drives
  • RAM banking for up to 576 KB RAM
  • Expansion ROMs
  • HD6845 CRT-Controller (type 0)
  • AY-3-8912 PSG
  • Supports DSK and EDSK disc images
  • Supports CDT and TZX tape-images incl. WAV-converter
  • Joystick support
  • integrated powerful debugger and peripheral monitor
  • integrated Z80 assembler
  • integrated 8080 assembler
  • Printer output
  • Digiblaster
  • Sound recorder
  • Colour, green and greyscale monitor simulation with brightness and contrast control
  • VDU emulation
  • GUI in English, German and French language
  • 2-layer keyboard mapping
  • window or fullscreen mode
  • Drag'n'drop for DSK, CDT and ZIP files
  • Partial emulation of the SYMBiFACE II

How to assemble z80 software with WinCPC

Use for example the asm code on the author's contact page [1] Open it in the z80 assembler and compile it. The software give you the entry point address and the size.

  • execute it :
CALL &8000
  • save it on a dsk ( should be insert of course ):
SAVE "flynn.bin",b,&8000,&1C
  • to execute the saved binary :
LOAD "flynn.bin",&8000
CALL &8000


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