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Screen shot of Xtreme #1

The CPC-Fastloader was a german paper and disc mag, which has been published from 1992 to 1994. It was founded by Leather Rebel and started as a paper-only mag. Starting from the third issue it was also available as disc version. The fourth issue was the last one with a paper version. After publishing seven issues Leather Rebel and Prodatron decided to unite with Hypnom (also known as OAS or Hypnomega), who was the publisher of the biggest german competitive disc mag, the CPC Challenge. The CPC-Fastloader has been renamed into X-Treme, which was the successor of the CPC-Fastloader and CPC Challenge. Two issues of the X-Treme have been released in 1993 and early 1994.


  • CPC-Fastloader
    • Issue #1 (1992; paper)
    • Issue #2 (1992; paper)
    • Issue #3 (1992; paper & disc version 1 by Leather Rebel)
    • Issue #4 (1992; paper & disc version 2 by Prodatron)
    • Issue #5 (1993; disc)
    • Issue #6 (1993; disc version 3 by Prodatron)
    • Issue #7 (1993; disc)
  • X-Treme
    • Issue #1 (1993; disc version 4 by Prodatron)
    • Issue #2 (1994; disc)


CPC-Fastloader, Issue 3

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