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* {{CPCPower|4943}}
* {{CPCPower|4943}}
* [http://www.genesis8bit.fr/archives/index.php?news_id=924 How to make a game with the Graphic Adventure Creator]
* [http://www.genesis8bit.fr/archives/index.php?news_id=924 How to make a game with the Graphic Adventure Creator]
* [https://dspace.ucalgary.ca/bitstream/handle/1880/51523/2016-1086-05.pdf Interview with Sean Ellis about the development of ''Graphic Adventure Creator'']
* [http://moteprime.org/article.php?id=62 Scanned notes and disassembly of ''Graphic Adventure Creator'' on Sean Ellis' personal web site]
[[Category:Applications]] [[Category:Manual]]
[[Category:Applications]] [[Category:Manual]]

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The Graphic Adventure Creator (often shortened to GAC) was a game creation system/programming language for adventure games published by Incentive Software.

Its main advance over the already well established The Quill was a clever graphics editor, one of very few vector graphics editors for the CPC.

This enabled pictures to be drawn using a minimal amount of memory.

In the heyday of the CPC, few major-label commercial games were produced using GAC (probably fewer than with The Quill), but it had a vast following in the homebrew and public domain scenes - despite a comparatively high retail price of £24.95 in the UK.

GAC was also notorious for its Lenslok protection system, which mercifully was removed before the utility appeared on a covertape included with the January 1992 issue (#76) of Amstrad Action.

Amstrad Action launched a competition to produce an adventure and have it featured on a later covertape.

The covertape didn't include two standalone adventures which accompanied GAC in it's original package when released.




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