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Title Screen
Release 1984
Publisher Amsoft
Developer Computersmith
Programmer Unknown
Musician None
Artist Unknown
Genre Sports (Golf)
Players 1P Only
Controls Keyboard
Language Language:english, Language:french, Language:german
Media disk Cassette
Compatability 464, 664, 6128 & Plus
Magazine Reviews No Mark - ACU 01 (Aug/Sep 84)
4 stars - ACU 03 (Jan/Feb 85)
65% - AA 001 (Oct 85)
45% - Amtix 02 (Dec 85)


Both the first golf and the first sports game released on the CPC, Amsgolf is as basic as they come but thanks to its chunky colourful graphics and 'unique' control system it's one that will linger in the memory.



This exciting new computer simulation of an 18 hole golf course will enable you to improve your skill level of the game, in otehr words, lower your handicap.

The main object of the game is to play the course of 18 holes in as few strokes as possible thus improving your handicap. The game assumes a right handed player. A stroke is played each time the ball is hit.

The course is set in woodland and deep grass called 'rough'. The smoother grass is called the 'fairway' Hazards are put in your way to make your game more difficult.

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Hints & Tips

Handicap Codes

Courtesy of CPC Power 00 = K3R56 01 = E3R74 02 = N9W99 03 = W8M10 04 = N6L37 05 = S6I52 06 = D1C58 07 = P9V60 08 = M7H21 09 = E2G86 10 = H7Y48 11 = J1T93 12 = F4B11 13 = B0X24 14 = Z3F04 15 = A6P12 16 = S9V73

Playing Tips

  • Now you've got a lower handicap there are few things that should get it even lower. Always use a driver off the tee and. unless at a short hole, where you can take a chance on reaching the green in one. aim it at direction four in order to avoid hitting the tree if you slice.
  • Use the driver at maximum strength if you're still a long way from the hole, even if you're in the rough. This will lead to more slices and hooks but as long as you plan for those possibilities in your direction you'll be OK.
  • When you're in close to the hole you want to hit the green without mistakes so always use an iron that can hit the green with strength 5 or 6. Once on the green, the strength of the putt can be judged roughly by the table below:
Yards Strength
1 to 3 1
4 to 6 2
7 to 9 3
10 to 12 4
13 to 15 5
  • Above 15 yards it is difficult to hole a putt, so it is better to leave it just short for a tap rather than whack it and leave a tough one back. Remember, you can still miss from 4-6 yards, so play safe.
  • You should now be able to par plenty of holes and even get the occasional birdie if you're lucky

(from Amstrad Action Issue 01 - Oct 85)


The game is written entirely in BASIC.