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SOFT Numbers used by AMSOFT.

SOFT157 The Concise CPC464 BASIC Specification
SOFT158 The Concise CPC464 Firmware Specification
SOFT158A Soft158A: DDI-1 Firmware - The Complete CPC 464 DOS ROM Specification
SOFT968 Soft968: CPC 464/664/6128 Firmware
SOFT981M Amstrad Computer User T-Shirt
(SOFT-5001) CPC464 User, Issue 1, Aug/Sep 1984 (c) Amstrad/Amsoft (would have been SOFT-5001, but didn't have a printed SOFT number)
(SOFT-5002) CPC464 User, Issue 2, Oct/Nov 1984 (c) Amstrad/Amsoft (would have been SOFT-5002, but didn't have a printed SOFT number)
SOFT-5003 Amstrad CPC464 User, Issue 3, Jan/Feb 1985 (c) Amstrad/Amsoft
SOFT-5004 Amstrad CPC464 User, Issue 4, March 1985 (c) Amstrad/Amsoft
... ...
SOFT-5014 Amstrad Computer User, Issue 14, January 1986 (c) Amstrad/Amsoft
SOFT-5015 Amstrad Computer User, Issue 15, February 1986 (c) Amstrad Computer User (no longer published by AMSOFT, but this issue still has an Amsoft-style SOFT number)

Note: Further SOFT numbers (for games/utilities) are found on the AMSOFT page.