Amstrad Action August 1990 Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the August 1990 issue of Amstrad Action:


  • MultiRAM (Andrew Price)
  • LBASE (Paul Dwerryhouse) NB 664/6128 only
  • Poke-It (Graeme Rowles)
  • Maxi-RSX (Graeme Rowles) NB 464 only


  • MultiRAM is a utility to let you store programs on the internal 8K RAM of a Multiface 2. Two RSXs are set up to put the program into the RAM and to page them back so they can be run:

|MULT,start,length puts the code at the specified address and length into the Multiface RAM |MRON pages the Multiface 2 RAM so that the program can be run. Typing MRON followed by CALL &3B12 runs the code in RAM. Note that any program stored and run from the Multiface should have na origin of &3B12, this is the lowest possible address to use. The Multiface reserves the memory below this for its own use, leaving you 5.5K to play with.

  • LBASE is controlled using COPY and the cursor keys.

  • Poke-It is a Multiface-type poking replacement. When run, the program installs two RSXs |INSTALL and |RUN. The first sets up the routine for use. Now run your game but don't use control+enter if loading from tape.

When the game has loaded press the small enter key; the screen should clear and you will be prompted with Enter addr (type in the address in hex). Then you will be prompted for the byte. Finally confirm with Y or press N, then the space bar. The graphics may distort but this cannot be helped.

If pressing the small enter key has no effect, load the game using |RUN. This only works for binary files on tape.

  • Maxi-RSX installs 18 RSXs. It is titled Maxi-RAM in the magazine but this appears to be a mistake as the listing's first line states MAXI-RSX