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Amstrad Action Christmas 1986 Type-Ins

The following listings were published in the Christmas 1986 issue of Amstrad Action:


  • Calendar (R. Bellerby)
  • Fast Basic Double-Height (Chris Boothman)
  • Snowstorm (Shaun Garrod)
  • Artist (Simon Watson)
  • Wandering Through Space (Julian Smalley)
  • Pyramid (Adrian Sill)
  • Shady Dump (Mark Gannon)
  • Screen Squash (Simon Solway)

Problem Attic

  • Bingo (Adrian Pegg) - a response to a request from a reader in the December 1986 issue (#15)
  • Back to cassette loading - disables all ROMs, including AMSDOS, which frees memory and allows certain very old CPC software to run successfully
  • Speed Checker (John Keneally)

Hot Tips

  • DATA from nowhere (JT) - creates BASIC DATA statements automatically
  • Bordering on superdazzle (Roy Makely) - a response to the "Dazzling border" listing that was published in the December 1986 issue
  • Muddling modes (Paul Smith) - a set of RSXs to display 20- and 40-column text in MODE 2

The "DATA from nowhere" listing is set up to work on CPC464 machines. Instructions are provided within the REM statements of the listing to set it up for CPC664 and CPC6128 machines.

The "Muddling modes" listing only works on CPC464 machines.


Artist contains several bugs, including one where the screen can become corrupted.