Amstrad Action March 1988 Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the March 1988 issue of Amstrad Action:


  • Hacker (Martin Schroeder)
  • Amstrad Abstracts (Matthew Jeffery)
  • Dropout (Paul Robson)
  • Lean Letters (Michael Smith)
  • Stipple (James Cadwallader)
  • Reset (Alastair Scott)
  • Double column print (Helen Packer)
  • MoneyMate (Karl Stokes)


  • Hacker: Hacker searches through a program and looks for certain routines and prints likely pokes to screen or printer. You must supply Hacker with the name of the file to search. To list the POKEs to screen enter e.g.

a$="filename.bin":CALL &AF00,@a$ and press return.

A list of pokes will appear in the form POKE &1337,0 01 - ignore the last two digits. Insert the poke into the game's loader and run it. The last two digits refer to the type of routine - by noting the values after the POKE you can determine which POKEs are of no use to you.

  • Amstrad Abstracts: Values between 4 and -4 are best
  • Dropout: Joystick only, press 1 or 2 to select level
  • Double column print: Works with DMP2000 and most Epson compatibles. Page format is 63 colums x 62 rows (line feed characters are ignored). The routine can be used in your own programs, Tasword or Protext. Run the listing then print in the usual manner. If a page doesn't appear to print, issue PRINT #8,CHR$(12) to flush the page buffer (sometimes you need to do this twice).