Amstrad Action September 1988 Type-Ins

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The following listings were published in the September 1988 issue of Amstrad Action:


  • 3D Characters (Daren K Vernon)
  • Disk Sector Editor (Niall Brady)
  • Variables List (Michael Gledhill)
  • Encode/Decode (Matthew Davey)
  • Circles (John Dyson)
  • Advanced Header Reader (Edward J Reid)
  • Screen Grabber (Paul Rooney)
  • Personal Spending (K. R. Street)


  • Disk Sector Editor: Use CONTROL and H for online help.
  • Variables List: Adds a new RSX |VAR which lists variables used in basic programs
  • Encode/Decode: To speed up the program, remove the last statement in lines 90 and 130.
  • Screen Grabber: run the program, then press CONTROL and SPACE to save a screenshot (SCREEN.BIN 17kB file). If using tape, ensure that record and play are pressed before you try to grab the picture.
  • Personal Spending: Make sure CAPS LOCK is off. Run the program and enter the new start month (1-12). Go down the list entering expenditure (date, description, amount and account). Type END to force a save.
  • Treasure Hunt by Benedict Garrett was accidentally only partially published; Personal Spending was accidentally published twice on consecutive pages. Treasure Hunt appeared fully the following month (AA37 / October 1988) along with a grovelling apology!