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Custom Chips

Part    Description
40007   Gate-Array version 1 (20RA043) (uses a heat sink, same pinouts as 40008)
40008   Gate-Array version 2 (HSG3130) (uses a heat sink, same pinouts as 40007)
40009   32K ROM; BIOS and BASIC for CPC464 (English)
40010   Gate-Array version 3 (HSG3170) (no heat sink, different pinouts than 40007 and 40008)
40015   16K ROM; AMSDOS for CPC664/CPC6128 and DDI-1 disc interface
40022   32K ROM; BIOS and BASIC for CPC664 (English)
40025   32K ROM; BIOS and BASIC for CPC6128 (English)
40026   PCW8xxx printer controller (i8041)
40027   PCW8xxx/9xxx keyboard controller (i8048)
40028   PCW8xxx/9xxx main ASIC
40031   16L8 PAL; Ram management CPC6128
40036   CPU and ROM (IC uPD7811G) (for DMP2000 Printer)
40037   32K ROM; BIOS and BASIC for CPC464 and Late-CPC472-models (Spanish)
40038   32K ROM; BIOS and BASIC for CPC6128 (Spanish)
40039   PPC/PC2086 BUS Gate Array
40040   PC1512/PPC/PC2086 memory gate array
40042   PC1512 keyboard controller (i8048)
40043   PC1512 BIOS (even addresses)
40044   PC1512 BIOS (odd addresses)
40045   PC1512 character ROM
40049   PPC Serial 
40050   32K ROM; BIOS and BASIC for CPC464 (French)
40051   32K ROM; BIOS and BASIC for CPC6128 (French)
40054   Spectrum +2 ROM English
40055   Spectrum +2 ROM Spanish
40056   Spectrum +2 ASIC (ULA7K010E5 - main ULA)
40057   Spectrum +2 ASIC (ULA1050E - Joystick)
40058   Spectrum +2 ASIC
40068   Spectrum +2 ROM French
40077   Spectrum +2A/+2B/+3 ASIC
40078   PC1512 character ROM (with Greek characters)
40087   PCW9xxx printer controller ASIC
40088   PCW9xxx printer serial receiver?
40092   Spectrum +2A/+3 ROM A v4.0 English
40093   Spectrum +2A/+3 ROM B v4.0 English
40092U  Spectrum +2B ROM A v4.1 English
40093U  Spectrum +2B ROM B v4.1 English
40094   Spectrum +2A/+3 ROM A v4.0 Spanish
40094S  Spectrum +2B ROM A v4.1 Spanish
40100   PC1640 EGA ROM  
40101   Spectrum +2A/+3 ROM B v4.0 Spanish
40101S  Spectrum +2B ROM B v4.1 Spanish
40102   PPC ?
40103   PCW9xxx printer controller UPD8039 ROM. On my main board this was removed , and a UPD8039 with internal ROM is used instead.
40104   PPC512 VDU/LCD Gate Array
40106   PPC512 Serial
40107   PPC512 BIOS (even addresses)
40108   PPC512 BIOS (odd addresses)
40109   PPC512 character ROM
40112   PPC512 CMOS Controller
40135   PPC640 modem ROM
40120   PCW9xxx parallel printer controller ASIC
40127   PC2086 ???
40178   PC2086 keyboard controller (i8049)
40179   PC2086 BIOS (even addresses)
40180   PC2086 BIOS (odd addresses)
40184   PC200 BIOS (even addresses)
40185   PC200 BIOS (odd addresses)
40186   PC2086 VGA BIOS
40198   PPC512 serial ROM?
40226   CPC464/CPC6128 "cost-down" ASIC (ARN4) (combines Gate Array, PAL, CRTC, and some small FDC/DRAM/RESET logic)
40464   CPC+ Triple 4bit DAC (for RGB video)
40489   CPC+ ASIC
40908   CPC+ cartridge protection chip ("ACID")
41088-1 CPC+ 27C1001 EPROM in GX 4000 version of Burnin' Rubber (130Z001)
41090-1 CPC+ 27C1001 EPROM in French System Cartridge (CPC+ BIOS/BASIC, AMSDOS v2, Burnin' Rubber) (130Z001)
41091-1 CPC+ 27C1001 EPROM in Spanish System Cartridge (CPC+ BIOS/BASIC, AMSDOS v2, Burnin' Rubber) (130Z001)
41857   PenPad 600 ?
41863   PenPad 600 ?
41864   PenPad 600 ?
41898   NC200 ASIC
42069   PenPad 600 ROM
42112   NC200 System ROM (UK)
42778   PcW16 "Anne" ASIC
  • PT NO 31600 ASIC for DMP3160 printer (combines TTL logic from earlier DMP's in one SMD chip) (the chip hides on solder side of the PCB)
  • 40092U, 40093U are bug-fixed versions of 40092 and 40093
  • 40094S, 40101S are bug-fixed versions of 40094 and 40101

Part numbers 40092-40094 and 40101 provided and confirmed by Guesser from WOS.


Part    Description
30001   P.C.B. 3" Disc drive
30002   P.C.B. 3" Disc drive
270100  P.C.B. CPC464 version 1 (one variant) (1983)
Z70100  P.C.B. CPC464 version 1 (another variant) (1983)
Z70101  P.C.B. CPC464 version 1 keyboard with soldered wires
Z70102  P.C.B. CPC464 version 1 keyboard with 20 pin connector (only 19 pins used)
Z70102  P.C.B. CPC464 cassette sub-board (This pcb share part number with the keyboard assembly !)
Z70200  P.C.B. CPC464 version 2
Z70205  P.C.B. CPC664 
Z70209  CPC664 Keyboard Assembly (English)
Z70210  P.C.B. CPC6128 version 1 (1985)
Z70211  CPC464 Keyboard Assembly (English) (ribbon cable connectors)
Z70215  P.C.B. CTM644 colour monitor main
Z70216  P.C.B. CTM644 colour monitor brightness control
Z70217  P.C.B. CTM644 colour monitor cathode ray tube
Z70221  CPC6128 Keyboard Assembly (English) (ribbon cable connectors)
Z70270  P.C.B. CPC6128 version 1, MC0016x (1985) (centronics variant)
Z70290  P.C.B. CPC6128 version 2, MC0020x (1985) (one variant)
Z70290  P.C.B. CPC6128 version 2, MC0023x (1985) (german variant)
Z70291  P.C.B. PCW8256/8512 (1985)
Z70311  CPC6128 Keyboard Assembly (French) (ribbon cable connectors)
Z70312  P.C.B. 3" Disc Drive
Z70313  P.C.B. 3" Disc Drive
Z70341  P.C.B. 3" Disc Drive
Z70374  P.C.B. CPC464 version 3 (one variant)
Z70375  P.C.B. CPC464 version 3 (another variant)
Z70378  P.C.B. CPC464 version 3 (german variant)
Z70500  P.C.B. Spectrum+2 issue 3
Z70501  Spectrum +2 Datacorder PCB (full part number Z70501/C3-4494(A) )
Z70800  P.C.B. PCW9512 (1987)
Z70830  Spectrum +2A/+3 Motherboard (ISSUE 1 & 2 both (c) 1987)
Z70833  Spectrum +2B Motherboard (ISSUE 1 & 2 (c) 1988, ISSUE 4 (c) 1990)
Z70835  Spectrum +3B Motherboard (ISSUE 1 (C)1988 )
Z70901  PC2086 motherboard (c) 1988
Z80264  P.C.B. 3" disc drive
Z80329  P.C.B. CPC464 version 4 (1988)
Z80330  P.C.B. CPC6128 version 3 (1988)
Z80432  464+ Keyboard Assembly
Z90903          P.C.B. CPC+ Cartridge (custom LKs) (1990)
2700-016P-3     P.C.B. 464+/6128+ Mainboard (1990)
2700-017P-4     P.C.B. GX4000 Mainboard (1990)
2700-023P-1     P.C.B. CPC+ Cartridge (hardwired LKs) (1990)
PCB101/MF0004B  P.C.B. DDI-1 Interface
PCB501/MF0003B  P.C.B. FD-1 Power Supply (AC)
PCB502/MF0001A  P.C.B. FD-1 Power Supply (DC)
PCB504/MF0002A  P.C.B. FD-1 Relay Board
MS0043A         P.C.B. CPC472 Daughterboard
112C4001-3160   P.C.B. DMP3160 Printer, VER. 04 (C) 1988 (0AMS0100 PSP0151B)
C3-4522/GEM-194HB       Spectrum +2A/+2B Datacorder PCB

Note that some numbers start with 27 instead of Z7 (the boards are really labeled like so, this is not a typo).

Information about Spectrum PCBs provided by Guesser of WOS.

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