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* [http://arkostracker.cpcscene.com Arkos Tracker Homepage]
* [http://arkostracker.cpcscene.com Arkos Tracker Homepage]
[[Category:CrossDev]][[Category:Music and sound]]

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Arkos Tracker is a music and sound effect composing tool that runs on a PC or Mac (i.e. it is not a CPC tool), but which can be used to create tunes for Amstrad, MSX and Spectrum computers.

Arkos Tracker 1 and its tools are built using the .NET framework. It is possible to run the tools, but not the Tracker itself, on Linux, using Mono.

Arkos Tracker 2 is a rewrite of Arkos Tracker and is available natively for both Windows and Linux. It is written in C++ using the Juce toolkit.