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== Releases for CPC ==
== Releases for CPC ==
* [[AD1 ROM Cartridge]]
* [[Arnor C]]
* [[Arnor C]]
* [[BCPL]]
* [[BCPL]]

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Arnor Ltd. was British software company, based in Peterborough that existed from 1985 till 1995.

They were named after one of the locations from The Lord of the Rings and the manuals included many quotes from the book.

They pionierred the use of ROM software on the CPC and their releases of Maxam and Protext also came on cartridge (a single tiny ROM board) in addition to their tape/disc/ROM format.


Releases for CPC

  • AD1 ROM Cartridge
  • Arnor C
  • BCPL
  • Maxam
  • Maxam 1.5 (ROM version which needed Protext)
  • Maxam 2 (CP/M Plus version)
  • Model Universe
  • Pocket ProSpell (a demo based spellchecker given to subscribers of Amstrad Action in 1987)
  • Pocket Protext (CP/M Plus version of Protext minus spellcheck and mail merge)
  • Promerge (disc based mail merge facilities)
  • Promerge Plus (ROM based mail merge facilities)
  • Prospell (ROM/disc based spellchecker)
  • Protext (tape/disc/ROM based word processor. CP/M Plus version also released which combined Protext, ProSpell and ProMerge).
  • Protext Office / Protext Filer (Uses Protext CP/M or Protext and ProMerge (Plus) to add database/office facilities)
  • Proword (Comprehensive word processor, runs under CP/M Plus)
  • Prowort (german version of Proword)
  • Utopia (ROM based utility which expanded CPC Basic with new commands).