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Batman Forever

Batman Forever, often simplified to "the Batman demo", is an Amstrad CPC6128 demo released in 2011 at the Forever demoparty by the Batman Group, a former Amiga demoscene group.

This award-winning demo redefined the Amstrad CPC demoscene. Since its release in 2011, the Amstrad CPC demoscene is still awaiting for a "Batman killer". Many tried, few were close... yet Batman remains undefeated.

Some demoscene aficionados would even comment that this is the best Atari ST demo ever... oh wait?!

It requires a disk drive and 128kb RAM.

It was released at Forever 2011 demoparty and somewhat helped the Amstrad CPC to (re-)gain some publicity in the global old-school demoscene since.


Batman Group and friends.

  • Rhino : Code and Graphics
  • Factor6 : Music
  • Yzi : Music
  • Mac : Graphics
  • Paulbrk : Graphics
  • DadMan : Graphics
  • Eldrik : Graphics
  • Arnoldemu : Code (Loader system)

Awards and Nominations

Forever 2011:

  • CPC demo : 1st Place Awards 2011 :

  • best graphics : 3rd place
  • breakthrough performance : 3rd place
  • public choice : winner
  • best demo on an oldschool platform : Winner
  • best technical achievement : Winner


Mode R

Mode R usage in the demo
This demo uses Mode R, a software video mode designed by Rhino using Mode 0. It uses horizontal interlacing, and can theoretically simulate up to 240 colors on screen at once.